2016 22 июня, ровно 4 часа…

Наши деды могли бы убить
друг друга. Если б победил нацизм страшно
представить что бы было…
К счастью навтыкали
наши предки гитлеровской Германии и
сегодня с трех ночи до четырех утра мы
с шатцем фоткали мирное небо и восход
солнца на Чкаловской лестнице, построенной,
кстати пленными немцами. Все так интересно
переплелось… нормальная мирная жизнь
как-то поглотила и опутала собой мрачные
страницы истории.


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И снова о сукиных детях.


В первой части этой статьи буду резкой.
Возможно многие останутся недовольны, кто-то поддержит и согласится, кто-то
наоборот обозлится. В толерантной Европе этот номер точно бы не прошел, но
слава Богу до такого маразма как у них там, мы здесь не дожили. В общем в
начале о сукиных детях в традиционном негативном понимании этого выражения.

Про «Евровидение».

Прошла уже неделя, все кто хотел наверно уже
высказались и отписались. Я специально выдержала паузу, чтоб выпустить пар,
иначе была бы еще более безапелляционной и резкой.

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To all friends of my blog!

To all friends of my blog

Fantastic! In November Leila and Princess puppies born.



I have cared fed observed its development and look forward jump on each and squeak of them. only when the time has allowed it, I have the apartment briefly read aloud to make my purchases. and always on the go with the fear that something might happen at home with the small.



After all, they still visited no toilet and everything was when I came back into chaos. But after a certain time, all it learned to use their toilet (for the intended purpose).



4 of my children have already found new parents and are happy in their new families.




Since I have more time I became a customer of a fitness club. Before the big holiday this year together with my husband I want to torture me a bit. Since not bring the daily walks with the dogs very much for the ideal condition of the body, I torment myself now almost every day in the health club.
There are already results! in the form of a black purple green belt.



Daily I swim in the pool and take off my tracks. However, thereafter, the itching, the water comes there but is a bit too heavily chlorinated.
My nails are sacred to me! This I did yesterday new look!




Had the child was brought up not to think to see a hairdresser. I had to wash neither power nor time to head daily. Once a week I washed with dog shampoo, what a happiness! I thought. I noticed that the dog shampoo the hair stays fresh much longer than with conventional methods.




Now I was at the hairdresser. Not that I think the readers here would like a wild look like.




Now finally the most important. Engel, Ludwig, Lars and Antonio are still looking for a new family. Contact me if you are in search of such a treasure. Have a look to this sweet puppy to make their woman and their children happy.