Attention, scam?

Attention, scam!

In the winter of this year, Bettina B. placed a post in the group of the Zwergspitz / Pomeranian post, in which she proposed to make a lamp in the form of a Spitz head costing 67 euros.

I can not say that I liked this lamp, but I decided to support a person working with my own hands and wrote a comment with a compliment to the post, and wrote that I also would like to have such a lamp.
The woman began to write me personal messages to persuade me to buy. I answered that I can not decide this without my husband, because I am in Russia, and in any case I can not transfer money to her account, and if the husband does not mind (he is German and is now in Germany), we will pay with accounts of the husband.

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There are many reasons for buying a Pomeranian in Russia!

There are many reasons for buying a Pomeranian in Russia.

The Russians love this German dog breed, which you breed seriously and committed breeding and achieve excellent results. Our top are in modern style with short mouth and dense fur. Experts agree that the Russian Spitz is one of the most beautiful in the world. Because of the good ruble price against the euro, the price including shipping costs is relatively cheap. (for puppies with a show class can be bought at a price of 2300-3500 Euro, but in Europe they cost up to 5000€, but they are not normally available as they are already reserved before birth).

Seven Reasons to buy a Pomeranian.

1.  My puppies are some of the best in Russia. They have been successfully issued and have received many titles.
2. I love my dogs, I deal with you, so you are playful, attached and kind to their owners.
3. I care about you, like my children. My dogs only get the best nutrition and care so that you are healthy and beautiful.
4. I speak German.
5. Payment can be made without exchange rate in Euro. I have an account of a German credit institution.
6.  Safety. some of my puppies already live in Europe. I am in contact with all the owners who bought puppies from me. We are in good relationships, and each of you can confirm that buying a puppy is at my risk.
7. The whole organization of the delivery of the puppy to Europe I undertake myself. They only have to pick up their dwarf point at the airport and to enjoy the communication with your baby.

Pepe, Pepa, Pascha

I still have two charming boys, born 23.05.2017. They are vaccinated, chipped and ready for the move abroad. Pepe Emerald and Pascha Diamond are waiting for good loving parents.

Where to get a cheap Spitz?

There are many disputes and questions about the price of the puppy of the Spitz. Let’s try to figure it out.

To begin with, the Pomeranian breed is one of the five most expensive breeds of dogs in the world. And this is probably now the most fashionable and prestigious breed.

But are all Spitzers the same? The price range is thousands of euros. On what does the price depend?
There is no formula on which you can calculate the cost, but there are criteria by which you can determine it.

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Ангел, Марэн и Маттиас

Очень трудно расставаться с любимыми. Тот, кто иногда читает мой блог и навещает мои страницы в соцсетях знают, что Ангел долго был в продаже. Он не только самый красивый,  (а для меня самая красивая любая моя собака, о которой я думаю или на которую смотрю в данный момент. уж не обессудьте) у Ангела действительно ангельский характер. Он бесконечно милый и добрый, совершенно не шкодливый, удивительно ласковый, приветливый , умный и очень тактичный. Ангел больше года был на моем попечении и расставаться с ним было очень тяжело. Первая попытка найти ему семью была неудачной. (кто следит за моими публикациями знает эту историю).

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Gino (Bantik) und Valentina

Es wäre zu banal und zynisch, Hunde nur für ein Geschäft und Gewinn zu züchten. Natürlich sollte jede Arbeit bezahlt werden, aber für mich ist das ein zweitrangiges Problem. Wenn das Geld plötzlich in den Vordergrund tritt, werde ich gezwungen sein es zu verlassen wie andere Dinge die ich einmal liebte. Ich kann nur physisch nichts tun, was mir keine moralische Befriedigung bringt.

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