Where to get a cheap Spitz?

There are many disputes and questions about the price of the puppy of the Spitz. Let’s try to figure it out.

To begin with, the Pomeranian breed is one of the five most expensive breeds of dogs in the world. And this is probably now the most fashionable and prestigious breed.

But are all Spitzers the same? The price range is thousands of euros. On what does the price depend?
There is no formula on which you can calculate the cost, but there are criteria by which you can determine it.

Criteria by which potential owners are looking for a puppy:
1. Health. (No one wants a sick, poorly-fed puppy, without vaccinations, who will have health problems all his life or die before he reaches the adult state)
2. Beauty. Spitz conquers with its charm, but not all Spitz are equally good. There is a so-called old type (this is not an official and not a cynological term) and a new one, it’s also modern. The old type is slightly larger and the muzzle of the animal resembles a fox. Triangular up-raised tassels of ears, elongated thin nose. The coat is dense, with a small undercoat.

The modern type is conventionally called the “bear cub”. This again is not a dog’s term. This is a popular definition.

The Spitz in the modern type has small ears, almost invisible, drowning in a dense undercoat, thanks to which the hair coat is perpendicular to the body. The nose is short, wide, the muzzle stuffed with hair, due to which the feeling is created that the dog has big cheeks and she constantly smiles. It was this friendly friendly animal that became the cherished dream of people of all sexes and social classes, from people not wealthy to the celebrity, the stars of show business and those in power. By the way, Queen Victoria was a fan of Spitz, they say from her and the development of the breed began.

Many people want a spitz cheaper “for themselves.”

Now let’s see if there are many people among our customers who are ready to go all the way of the breeder, a full cycle of production of puppies, incur all costs and associated risks.
So, first you need to buy a dog-manufacturer worth 5-6 monthly salaries (this is for Russia, Europeans usually have one average salary). Then the next 2 years to invest in the dog time and money. We need to pay good quality food, services of veterinarians, groomers, handlers, prepare a dog for exhibitions, pay for the exhibitions themselves …
And now it’s time to “X”. The dog can finally be tied up. But for knitting you need to pay another one or two monthly salaries. Then two months of pregnancy and again you need to watch the dog and invest in not money. It’s already the third year of investment, thousands of euros have been invested, and you have not received any income yet.

Pregnancy is always risky. You can lose at any time everything you’ve been going through all these years. The mother and the offspring can perish. Births at Spitz are complex. In order to secure the process as much as possible, we need an agreement with the veterinarian, who in case of what will come to the rescue. And for this, too, you need to pay. And even if he can not help, and the animals die, the vet will still bill.
Well if the birth was successful. But the Spitz is a small breed. 4 puppies in the litter is a great happiness.
Now the breeder has a two-month marathon without sleep and rest. There is no time to sleep at all. The first month should be monitored, so that everyone gets enough milk, and every two hours, every day they gain weight and so that their mother does not accidentally give the baby. The first month you can not let the eyes off the puppies and their moms.

 If you need to get out of the house, you need to take care of someone who has replaced you, in this responsible post. I do not know how it works out to others, but I pay my nanny to my dogs. Again, puppies need to be well fed, vaccinated and all this costs money.

Along the way, the breeder does advertising and people from all over the world are scribbling people who want an inexpensive dog for themselves. Tell me, if you had gone through all the path just described, what would you say in that case? Rude can not be answered! You will frighten all. Do you know how much patience you need ?!

Of the hundreds who wrote, the units of adequate people are isolated, who know the market and prices. They are our buyers and happy owners.

I wonder if one of the buyers went the whole way of the breeder, how would he suggest the puppies for sale? By the way, I described only the financial and time costs. Further I will not speak for everyone, but I will say for myself personally. I like my dogs very much, it’s impossible to appreciate with money. In every dog, in every sold puppy, there is a part of my heart. I can now imagine how many small fragments it will break up when the time comes. Unfortunately, dogs live far fewer people. And none of us can not escape fate. We all leave this world once. This is the lyrics you might say … Yes, it is! And why do people buy spitz? Exclusively for the sake of love. There are no other reasons. Ah, yes, some people take it for profit, hoping to earn some money. But such quickly disappointed and leave our business, immediately after the first litter.

And despite all the above, cheap spitzes are still there. I often see such people from European owners. Dogs look about like this

Spitzes of this type do not really cost as much as oranges, sometimes even give adult dogs for free, perhaps disappointed that a pretty puppy did not grow up to what they expected. Undoubtedly, any dog ​​is worthy of love and the owners should love those for whom they took responsibility. But now about the price. Spitz in the old type are several times cheaper, because the cost of their producers and matings is also many times smaller, these dogs are much less in demand. Now it is clear why in Europe there is an opinion that in Russia you can buy a spitz cheap? Spitz, but not an orange!
And there are inexpensive dogs in eastern Europe on canine forms. This is no longer Russia. Hungary, for example, is very famous in this matter.
 When you buy a dog from a dubious seller who can not show you the Skype of the puppy himself, his parents can not make up-to-date photos and videos for you, you know the puppy that was most likely to be born was born in such conditions. And if you do not regret the producers of these puppies, then at least take pity on yourself! Do you think they are vaccinated here? What kind of health can be in puppies born from hungry dirty dogs? The average price of the spitz of such a farm is 1,700 euros. I heard a lot of stories, like a puppy bought for such a sum, in very strange circumstances a week later died of parvovirus or interitis. As long as the farms have buyers, they will exist.
Hello to everyone who is looking for a spitz cheaper!

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